Traveling Souls

Rachel Rits-Volloch and Cassandra Bird,
Directors of MOMENTUM, warmly invite you to join us for our upcoming Live Performance and Exhibition at MOMENTUM | Berlin.

9 December at MOMENTUM | Berlin
At 20:30

An Interdisciplinary Performance
Commissioned by MOMENTUM

Featuring Emi Hariyama, Maximilian Magnus Schmidbauer, Daniel Dodd Ellis, in collaboration with Marcus Doering

Followed by a Jam Session at 3 Schwestern from 22:30

The Performance Video will be screened at MOMENTUM | Berlin
12 – 23 December 2012


What happens when you bring together a Japanese ballerina dancing with the Berlin Staatsballet, a German painter, an American opera singer, and Berlin’s most innovative interactive media artist? Magic. MOMENTUM commissions a new work made specially for our gallery in the historic Kunstquartier Bethanien, a former hospital built in 1847 by Kaiser Friedrich Wilhelm IV which functioned as a hospital until 1970. Subsequently inhabited and fought over by squatters and arts organizations, this space has had a poignant and colorful history.

Enter four diverse artists who have never worked together before. Now based in Berlin, but originally from very different parts of the world, they come together to reflect on the movements which have brought each of them to converge on this particular space at this moment. Using dance, visual art, voice, and interactive light design, they respond to the unique spaces of Bethanien and the latent aura of its history. In asking these artists to work together, we have given them free reign to develop their own expressions towards this location and their own answers to the question MOMENTUM continuously poses: What is time-based art?

Crossing interdisciplinary boundaries, drawn together through creative synergies, this foursome of talent embodies MOMENTUM’S mission to enable great art to happen across cultural and institutional borders. What happens when you bring together a ballet dancer, a painter, an opera singer, and a media artist? We expect to be amazed by the answer.


Emi Hariyama has graduated from the Bolshoi Ballet School in Moscow with top scores, and won numerous international competitions and awards. She has performed at the ballet theatres in Moscow, Essen, San Jose, Boston, and Leningrad, amongst others, and is currently with the Staatsballett Berlin. The Japanese-born ballerina, together with her family, furthermore organises the biannual “Dream Concert“ held in cities throughout Japan. Emi Hariyama is the director of EIA, specializing in Performance and Event Production, Arts management, and Arts Business Consulting. She works with artists, filmmakers, and musicians, maintaining an exciting interdisciplinary practice alongside her expertise in traditional ballet.


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