DRAYTON presents CLICK.CLIQUE. hosted by Mieko Suzuki

DRAYTON presents CLICK.CLIQUE. hosted by Mieko Suzuki(KooKoo)

every Wednesday, 21h – 2h

What day is it?

It’s Wednesday, jour fixe for the members of Click.Clique, for all the free spirits who like being taken on a journey.
Through colors and sounds, through the deep, the fuzzy, and the sometimes daring musical landscapes of Mieko Suzuki. With selections as candid as careful, Mieko invites you into an exclusive circle – open for everyone. Click.Clique is about that special crackling in the air that only vinyl records and true excitement can create, it’s where it all comes together, in the right place at the right time. So turn this thing on, join the clique! And let the mind, the music, the moment just – click…

Text: Arno Raffeiner(spex)


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