Eri Sugita leaves Quartet Berlin-Tokyo

Eri Sugita writes on Facebook:

Inform about leaving the Quartet Berlin-Tokyo クァルテット・ベルリン・トウキョウ退団のお知らせ
Dear Friends,
I will inform you that I left the string quartet “Quartet Berlin-Tokyo”.
Thank you so much for your warm support in 5 years.
For 5 years I did string quartet,
it was very happy and lucky time which I could study with great teachers and meet so nice chamber musician friends and play for warm audiences.
There were so many problems for long time which is very difficult to overcome,and we decided this result. It is pity that I can’t play string quartet at the moment, but in the future I hope I can try again.
And also I would like to challenge new things which I didn’t do while the quartet time.
Many thanks and all the best wishes,
Eri Sugita

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