Kyohei Sakaguchi Mobile House @ Berliner Festspiele

By Yoske Nishiumi

I am so excited to help organizing an opening party of Kyohei Sakaguchi’s exhitbition at Haus Der Berliner Festspiele.
It is a project of Sakaguchi to build a house for Marino Formenti who will play piano and live inside of this space for three weeks. The house is built around a big Chestnut tree which is standing in front of the Berliner Festspiele.

Parallelly Sakaguchi’s major works including video, drawing and photography will be shown inside of the Berliner Festspiele..

So who is Kyohei Sakaguchi?

I am sure you have at least one Japanese friend otherwise you wouldn’t receive this kind of e-mail.
Please ask her or him what they know about Kyohei Sakaguchi.
I am pretty sure you will learn about him through your friends.

You will hear about his escape to Kumamoto, located 900 km south west from Tokyo, after the Fukushima disaster.
There he founded ‘0 center’ at a big traditional Japanese house where people can escape to and stay for free.
He already invited hundreds of kids from Fukushima for Summer camps to relax from post traumatic stress and environmental pollution.

You will also learn his Mobile House project which became as a documentary film to show his work.

But maybe the first thing you will learn about him is that he is ‘the first prime minister of a New Government’ that concept is based on Kyohei Sakaguchi’s questions from childhood:

1. Why it is that only human beings cannot survive if they don’t have money? And is that even true?

2. We pay rent every month, but why to the landlord and not the earth?

3. Most electrical appliances can operate on car batteries, so why do we need massive amounts of electricity that then require nuclear energy?

4. While the Basic Act of Land in Japan prohibits land deals for speculation purposes, why are most real-estate agencies not charged for violating this law?

5. If what we call money is just bonds issued by the Bank of Japan, why do people get so happy, some even shedding tears, when they come to own such bonds?

6. Why, in spite of the fact that their gardens have orange or loquat trees, do people think that they would die if they didn’t have money?

7. If the government of Japan protected the right to life guaranteed by the Constitution there would be no people living on the streets. Then why do so many people live on the streets, with even their rights to build small huts denied?

8. In 2008, 13.1 % of the houses in Japan were vacant, and according to Nomura Research Institute’s prediction, the rate will rise to 43% in 2040. Then why are houses still being built?

You will learn lot more about him at the exhibition.
Please join our opening party Koi Klub – Yes but No – special edition Kyohei Sakaguchi at The Berliner Festspiele.


Haus Der Berliner Festspiele

Schaperstraßae 24, 10719 Berlin, Germany

Do. 27.9.2012

19:00 – Opening of Mobile House and Exhibition
19:00 – Masayoshi Fujita – Vibraphone Live
19:30 – Welcome by Thomas Oberender
19:40 – Frie Lyesen talks with Kyohei Sakaguchi
20:15 – Dj Hanno Leichtmann

Entrance Free, Open for public

Finger Food by Daruma (Uhland str. 61 Berlin)

Kirin Ichiban Beer



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