Quartet Berlin-Tokyo is 75% Japanese and 25% Russian


By Ayako Yuse


Tonight there will be the monthly “kulturradio Klassik Lounge” at theWatergate-Club. The concert begins at 8pm, but go there early if you want to get it since the concerts are always packed. We interviewed Quartet Berlin Tokyo as a just-before-the concert article.


Where in Japan do you come from?


Eri Sugita is form Kobe, Japan. Ruiko Matsumoto is from Sapporo, Japan.
Tsuyoshi Moriya is form Okayama, Japan. And Moti Pavlov is from Irkutsk, Russia. Berlin is very exciting city culturally and a good place to learn music. When we listen to music and play music, we get a lot of valuable experiences which we can’t get in Japan. We feel our music is getting deeper and deeper. Luckily we can take wonderful lessons here and many people support us also. We really appreciate the music life in Berlin.

Q: Quartet Berlin-Tokyoが結成された経緯を教えてください。

How did you make Quartet Berlin-Tokyo?


Quartet Berlin-Tokyo was made for Takefu International Music Festival in Japan in 2011 at first. We felt a good chemistry for each other already then and decided to continue our group. After that, we worked with the quartet seriously and participated in some contests.


Which are your favourite composers and favourite music?

バルトークベートーヴェンラヴェルハイドンなどでしょうか。思い入れのある曲といえば、私たちがアムステルダムのロイヤル・コンセルトヘボウでの演奏したベートーヴェン:弦楽四重奏曲op.95 “セリオーソ “です。

We like Bartók, Beethoven, Ravel and Haydn – the famous chamber music composers. Memorable music for us is String Quartet “Serioso” by Beethoven. We played it at the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.


Which places do you like in Berlin?


We love the museums, the Zoo Berlin, the two central concert houses Berliner Philharmonie, and Konzerthaus Berlin and also we like the nice cafes in the Rosenthaler Platz area.


What are you most excited about in Berlin right now?


Tonight’s concert! We are exited to play with Kuss Quartett at Watergate-Culb. It’s honor for us to play with Kuss Quartett with Oliver Wille, who is our teacher, in the ensemble. We are really looking forward to the performance tonight!

Here is the info of “kulturradio Klassik Lounge”.

Here is the official web site of Quartet Berlin-Tokyo.

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