Can’t wait for “Konzert für die Nationen”? Meet Marie Amamoto!

By Ayako Yuse


“Konzert für die Nationen” is coming this week! Here is the interview with another Japanese soloist, Marie Amamoto, who is performing at the concert along with Mayu Tomataki, who we interviewed earlier.


You are Japanesem but are born in Germany. Please tell us about how it is to be a Japanese raised in Germany?


I was born on December in 1986 in Germany. Our family had been there about for 3 years and came back to Japan before the wall came down. So I grew up in Japan after I was 3 years old. But being born in Germany is one of my identities and I was always wondering about my birth place. It was the first time for me that I went to Germany in the summer of 2006. My friends, who I am indebted to, live in the countryside in Essen. When I came to Germany first time, they took me to my birth place and the hospital I was born in by car. The city has remained the same as 20-30 years before just like in the picture I had seen. Somehow I felt I was accepted by the city. It is a very beautiful culture. They take good care of the city and the buildings to preserve them in Germany.


We are looking forward to hear your play the piano at the concert. What made you choose the piano as your instrument?


I started to learn piano when I was 4 years old, after coming back from Germany. Because I was so shy and my parents were worried about me, they put me in the piano class. So it was not because my parents were musician or something just because they wanted change my shy character!


You will play Beethoven at the concert. Which pieces of his work is your favorite?


Actually, I didn’t like to play pieces of Beethoven before coming to Germany. But I though “I am studying music with a German teacher in Germany. This is the chance to learn about Beethoven music.” and started to face the music og Beethoven. Then I found a lot of interesting things in Beethoven music. I listened not only his piano music but also his orchestra and his chamber music a lot. Among these his music I like “Pastoral Symphony” the best. He put this title by himself to explain about the scene description in all the movements. I feel “Pastoral Symphony” shows really the atmosphere of the forest with the music. That’t why I like it.


What do you like best? German food or Japanese food?


The husband of my friends who I am indebted to is German and he is very good at cooking. I love his “Erbsensuppe (Pea soup)”!



And one more dish, I also love his “Döppekoche”. We mix mashed potatoes, fried onions, fried sausages and eggs together and bake it in the oven slowly. Very yummy!



But, I always cook Japanese food at home. I miss Japanese food of course!


What is your favorite places in Essen and the same in Berlin?


I like the courtyard in the UdK. There are some rabbits and squirrels and they make me relax.




My friends, who I am indebted to, live in the countryside close to Köln very near the woods. I like spending peaceful time there.



Some Instagrams from our day with Marie:

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Photo shoot with Marie. #berlin #japan

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Interviewing Marie Amamoto today.

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You can get more information about the concert here:

Konzert für die Nationen

Also read our interview with Mayu Tomotaki here.

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